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Hospital Maps (Resident Evil 3 Remake)

Hospital 1F

Image of LobbyImage of Makeshift SickroomImage of Back OfficeImage of ReceptionImage of Main CorridorImage of CourtyardImage of Laboratory ReceptionImage of Research LaboratoryImage of Sample RoomImage of Emergency EntranceImage of Operating RoomImage of StairwellImage of Back StairwellImage of Generator RoomImage of WalkwayImage of Loading BayImage of Cargo Lift
Image of Hospital 1F

Hospital 2F

Image of StairwellImage of RoofImage of Main Corridor 2FImage of Records RoomImage of Staff RoomImage of Locker RoomImage of Linen RoomImage of Observation CorridorImage of Treatment RoomImage of Nurses' StationImage of Sickroom
Image of Hospital 2F

Underground Storage

Image of Cargo LiftImage of Bioweapons ShippingImage of OfficeImage of WarehouseImage of Small Storage RoomImage of Transport Container #1Image of Transport Container #2Image of Surveillance RoomImage of CorridorImage of NEST 2 Entry
Image of Underground Storage