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Research Assistant's Logs (Resident Evil 3 Remake)

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Mar 4     Water Temp: 18°C pH: 6.8
Gammas released from tank for the first time.
Movements sluggish. Combat potential low.

Apr 18     Water Temp: 20°C pH: 6.8
Experimented with additional hormones and drugs.
One adjustment bore positive results, with a significant rise in combat potential.
Specimen is now able to move quickly and swallow prey whole.

Jun 30     Water Temp: 22°C pH: 6.2
Umbrella has officially shut down Gamma research.
We managed to smuggle some specimens with especially high potential from the lab before disposal.
Dr. Logan Carlisle is more committed than ever to perfecting the Gamma line.

Aug 14     Water Temp: 25°C pH: 5.8
Two weeks since relocating to the sewers.
Increased temperatures have led to a decrease in water quality, but specimens appear fine despite my concerns.
Gammas quickly learned the layout of the sewers and within two days were exploring the entire underground of Raccoon City.
All specimens are familiar with and friendly towards us, but I have procured high-powered weaponry as a safeguard in the event that they become uncontrollable.

Sep 1     Water Temp: 23°C pH: 6.1
We were lucky to secure this space by bribing the sewage department chief, but it's beginning to feel cramped due to the Gammas' continued growth.
We should begin to consider other possible arrangements.

Sep 9     Water Temp: 21°C pH: 6.1
A water treatment worker found his way into the lab, but the Gammas promptly eliminated him.
This proves their viability for field use.
I'll reach out to Umbrella's European branch tomorrow; perhaps they will see the light.


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