Sept. 20 Arrest Report (Resident Evil 3 Remake)

Image of Sept. 20 Arrest Report
This file reveals the location of the Battery in the Police Station, which is needed to power the Detonator.
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Name: Rodney Gray
Occupation: Unemployed (former electrician)

Unlawful creation and/or possession of explosives.

Suspect was seen behaving suspiciously at 1442 Box St. on Sept. 18, 1998. Suspect's person was searched, producing a small explosive and a timed detonator from his inside pocket, leading to arrest on the charges listed above. A search of suspect's home found more than 20 additional homemade explosives at various stages of completion.

Suspect was extremely agitated and not of sound mind. Suspect spoke feverishly when questioning began, and at one point, questioning had to be halted due to a sudden bout of shrieking from suspect.
Once questioning was resumed, suspect made the following statements:

"I didn't do it for me, I did it for you! Why doesn't anyone understand? The corpses attack from the shadows!"

"A storm's coming, but this umbrella is no good! Gotta blow it up or you'll be more than just wet! Gotta get more bombs!"

"They're coming. Soon. Gotta hurry. Burn 'em. Burn the corpses. Burn 'em good."

During questioning, the suspect began to shake violently before resuming a shrieking fit. Questioning was ended, and a sedative administered.

Due to suspect's unstable psychiatric condition, suspect's testimony changed from moment to moment. Suspect's delirium made any sort of dialogue impossible. We are currently awaiting the results of a doctor's investigation into suspect's condition. The explosives collected from suspect's person and residence appear to be extremely powerful. As a safety precaution, a battery was removed from one detonation device upon its admission into evidence.
(The battery was secured in the safety deposit room.)

Interrogating Officer Wes Drucker