Scientist's Dying Message (Resident Evil 3 Remake)

Image of Scientist's Dying Message
This file reveals the location of the Adjuvant Sample within the NEST 2 facility. It is one of the ingredients needed to create the Vaccine.
CategoryFile (NEST 2)


It's happened... Our worst-case scenario... The T-Virus has somehow leaked. Under orders from Dr. Bard, I'm to manufacture mass quantities of the vaccine.

I've prepared a culture of the T-Virus antigen. Now I just need to combine it with an adjuvant to enhance its effects, and I should be able to produce enough vaccine to save all the surviving citizens.

The adjuvant samples are stored in the incubation lab. Test subjects are already wandering the halls... But I'd better find a way to get some samples while this culture is maturing...

If I don't make it back, please complete the synthesis process. Try to find a way to stop this outbreak. It's the least we can do, after setting these horrifying events in motion.