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A Love Letter? (Resident Evil 3 Remake)

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My little darlings,

It's already been three months since we fled here together. I find myself thinking back to the day you hatched... Your little voices made me tremble with pride...
Your adorable little bodies, brimming with incredible, destructive power... And, of course, that voracious, insatiable appetite. You are no less than the pinnacle of the Hunter series! And yet they ordered me to destroy you! They said you were unfit for use as weapons because of a few minor vulnerabilities!

So what if you're susceptible to heat? So what if your delicate mandibles are exposed when you feed? Haven't they ever heard of CHARACTER FLAWS? It is those very flaws that make you so very, very precious to me.

But we'll show them yet. Down here we'll continue to walk this evolutionary path together!
We'll prove to Umbrella that you, my beloved Hunter Gammas, are truly superior!