Marvin's Report (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis)

Image of Marvin's Report
Marvin Branagh's report of the whereabouts of at least one of the gems for the City Hall Gate.



September 24th
There are reports of a theft in the municipal building before dawn. A jewel decorated clock at the main gate was damaged. Two of twelve gems that are installed on the face of the clock are missing.

Due to lack of available officers at this time, I have no choice but to suspend the research of this case.


Marvin Branagh

September 26th
Based upon an autopsy report of a 42 year old restaurant owner, I have discovered that he has one of the missing gems. He apparently took shelter in the police department at about 10 am, where he was shot to death within 10 minutes of having developed the symptoms.

Since the city is currently under martial law, we are forced to suspend this case. At this time, we'll keep the gem as evidence.


Marvin Branagh


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    Information Room - Police Station 1F

    On the unconscious body of Marvin Branagh inside the small office.
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