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Regulations for Trainees (Resident Evil Zero)

Image of Regulations for Trainees
A set of guidelines for the students at the Training Facility, written by James Marcus.


Regulations for Trainees

Training Facility Mission

This training facility will raise a new generation of model employees to serve the future of Umbrella Corp.

Applying the strictest and most rigorous training standards, this facility will, without regard for gender, race, or creed, produce only the best candidates to be the global future leaders of Umbrella Corporation.

We look forward to the development of your leadership qualities.

Training Facility Guidelines

Discipline, Obedience, Unity.

These three words are the basic principles that govern Umbrella Corporation employees, and are to be considered the law of this facility.

Keep these words in mind at all times. Devote yourselves to your training, and bring honor to yourselves and the corporation.

James Marcus
Umbrella Corporation Management Training facility.