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Investigator's Report 2 (Resident Evil Zero)

Image of Investigator's Report 2
A report written by an investigator inside the Training Facility.


Investigator's Report 2

We should have finished with this dump long ago. When all this started, did anyone expect that there would be guns blazing away like this?

We weren't told a thing about these creatures attacking us at the briefing...
Guess they were a surprise to the head honchos too. The things in the woods - just starting to attack people. That had to be planned. Someone deliberately scattered that virus, no doubt about it.

But the guards, our fellow soldiers, they still must be around...

Well, whatever.
Don't have to worry about that anymore.

What I've got to worry about is whether to use my last bullet on myself, or on a friend...

That's the only decision I have to make.