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Brake Operation Manual (Resident Evil Zero)

Image of Brake Operation Manual
Instructions on how to activate the Train's emergency brake.


Brake Operation Manual

Using the Brake control.
The following three steps are necessary to operate the brakes:

Step 1: Activating the controls.

Brake controls are located in the following locations:

  • First car Driver's Compartment.
  • Rear deck of the fifth car.
To activate the system, you must insert the magnetic card into the device in the fifth car. This will supply power to both sets of controls.

Step 2: Enter Rear Deck Code.

Enter the code for the rear deck unit to release the lock.

After this the Driver's Compartment code can be entered.

Step 3: Enter Driver's Compartment Code.

Enter the code for the Driver's Compartment unit to remove the lock.

Upon completion of these three steps, the manual brakes can be used.