B.O.W. Report (Resident Evil Zero)

Image of B.O.W. Report
A report written by James Marcus about the three different B.O.W.s he was developing, these being the Eliminator, the Lurker, and the Plague Crawler.


B.O.W. Report

Research to date has shown that when the Progenitor virus is administrated to living organisms, violent cellular changes cause a breakdown in the system. Furthermore, no satisfactory method has been found to control the organisms for use as weapons.

Clearly, greater coordination at the cellular level is essential to enable further growth. I conducted a number of experiments in an effort to find a breakthrough.
This is my report:


Perhaps because these ancient animals have been genetically stable for millennia, when administered with the Progenitor virus they exhibit only explosive, high-energy growth and increased aggressiveness.

It is extremely difficult to envision using them as a B.O.W..


Injecting a frog with the virus resulted in an increase in leaping power and abnormal tongue growth.
However, no change in mental ability was observed. Furthermore, an abnormal appetite resulted in the test subject randomly attacking all moving objects.
Usefulness for B.O.W. is limited.


The Progenitor virus was merged with a monkey's cellular DNA, resulting in increased fertility.
The resulting young exhibited improved aggressiveness and some increased mental capacity. (As a side effect, visual power was lost, but this was offset by an improvement in hearing ability.)

However, they were unsatisfactory as weapons.

It does seem that no progress can be made without making humans the base organism.