First Aid Spray (Resident Evil Survivor)

This spray will fully recover your vitality.

Image of First Aid Spray
A powerful medical spray that can clean and heal wounds quickly and effectively. One of these will completely restore your health.

Although not many of these throughout the game, they're good to stock up on for boss fights. Although they don't remove the poison status, you will still need a Blue Herb to cure this.


  • Image of Casino - Amusement Arcade B1

    Casino - Amusement Arcade B1

    Normal Mode
    1 First Aid Spray - On the roulette table.
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  • Image of Room 201 - Hospital 2F

    Room 201 - Hospital 2F

    Normal Mode
    1 First Aid Spray - On the bed inside the cubicle.
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  • There are no locations to show for this mode. The following modes are applicable: