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Sewers, Prison & City Area Maps (Resident Evil Survivor)

South Sewer

Image of Exit PassageImage of Janitor's QuartersImage of Main PassageImage of Side Passage
Image of South Sewer

Prison 1F

Image of StairwayImage of Prison CellsImage of Shower RoomImage of Prison YardImage of Imprisonment AreaImage of ReceptionImage of Office RoomImage of Prison Chief's OfficeImage of Prison Entrance
Image of Prison 1F

Prison 2F

Image of Lookout Tower
Image of Prison 2F

Prison B1

Image of Basement EntranceImage of Moth Nest
Image of Prison B1

North Sewer

Image of Metal PassageImage of Water PoolImage of Entrance CanalImage of 'L' PassageImage of Ventilation Shaft
Image of North Sewer

City Area 1F

Image of Umbrella Building CourtyardImage of Back Alley BImage of Back Alley A
Image of City Area 1F

City Area 1F

Image of Warehouse
Image of City Area 1F

City Area 2F

Image of Building Roof
Image of City Area 2F

Club House

Image of VIP RoomImage of Gig RoomImage of Store Room
Image of Club House