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Young Man's Diary (Resident Evil Survivor)

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An Imprisoned Boy's Diary

September 5th

16 days have passed since I was abducted on a street in Congo by the men in black, and was brought here. I didn't understand what was happening at first, but I gradually became aware of the truth of this city.

We seem to be confined here to serve as guinea pigs for a medical company called Umbrella Inc.. All the residents of this city work for Umbrella, even the women and children are family members of employees.

The guinea pigs seem to be gathered from all over the world. The guy in the next room is from China, the one in front of my cell is from Brazil. The rest are Russian, Japanese... It's like a world trade show. It's strange that they are all around my age. The youngest is 16, and the oldest is 19 or 20.

Those guys from Umbrella sometimes take us to an arcade or to a night club so we can enjoy ourselves and relieve our stress, but I won't let them decieve me. I will escape from this place, no matter what it takes! I must... Anyway, the most important thing to do now is to organize and gather our comrades for what lies ahead.

September 10th

Recently, the others have been behaving strangely. It seems that they put some kind of weird drug into our meals. I sometimes lose consciousness, too. I have to be careful.

September 21st

I can't believe it! Another friend of mine, Chin, from the next room, was taken to the factory on the mountain. I don't think Chin's coming back. He will meet the same fate as Anna or Jacob who disappeared last week. I know... I know what happens to those who are taken to the factory on the mountain...

When they took me to a night club yesterday, I overheard a conversation that some factory workers were having... Under orders from Vincent, the commander of the city, they cut open our brains and extract some kind of material, whatever they call it.

All I can say is that Vincent is a devil. No... Not just Vincent. Even the women and children in this city don't treat us as human beings, but as guinea pigs. All the people in the city are evil. I will surely be killed if I stay here any longer. We have to hurry and execute our escape plan!

October 9th

The time has come. I have noticed the Umbrella people have been visibly disturbed for about a week or so. Rumor has it that there was a terrible accident at the Umbrella Laboratory somewhere in America. All the prison guards seem to be very busy gathering information on the accident, so security isn't as tight.

We've organized our comrades already. Stojkovic and Enriquez are supposed to steal the keys from the guards. Sankhon and I will act as decoys, and Yoshikawa and Fellipe are in charge of gathering weapons.

October 10th

We have decided on our escape route. The plan will be carried out at 11 PM tonight. We have twenty members seperated into two units: Unit A and Unit B. Unit A will go into the sewer through the ventilation slot of the confinement room, while Unit B will use a rope climb down from the surveillance tower.

We'll use the rope they used to tie us. If we fail, Vincent will surely kill us. But if we stay here, Vincent will order them to cut our brains eventually. We're dead either way, but I'd rather die trying to escape...


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