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Prison Chief's Diary (Resident Evil Survivor)

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Prison Chief's Diary

October 20th

Today, we received a reply to our report about the incident where 20 guinea pigs committed suicide the other day. The headquarters does not seem to have any suspicions and says that they plan to gather replacement guinea pigs soon.

It's too late, but now I'm starting to regret that I sent a fake report of a mass suicide incident, when it was actually a mass escape. However, as long as I stay in this city, it means death to me if I dare to oppose to Commander Vincent. I'll never forget the cruel smile of Vincent when he was shooting at the boys who tried to escape from the prison on that night.

It looked as if he were killing a bunch of insects. Commander Vincent is indeed a very cold-blooded person, just as he is rumoured to be. He is a true murderer. I am in a position there I am supposed to report the truth to headquarters, but I'm also afraid of Commander Vincent... I don't know what to do...


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