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Umbrella Top Secret File (Resident Evil Survivor)

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Umbrella Top Secret File

Umbrella Confidential Document

This file contains the data for the BOWs created by the virus contamination that occurred during the biohazards.

The first biohazard was caused by the T-virus leak at Arklay Laboratory on May 11, 1998. The second was the large-scale biohazard at Raccoon City which happened 4 months later. Although they have not been confirmed yet, not that there may be BOWs other than the ones listed below. The data for those will be filed when it is ready.

B.O.W. FILE #1: Zombie:
Humans who are contaminated by the T-virus. They have lost their consciousness, and wander around on their instinct and appetite to satisfy their hunger for human flesh.

Tactical procedure:
As their movements are slow, they can be easily eliminated if you keep enough distance to snipe.

B.O.W. FILE #2: Cerberus
Dogs which are contaminated by the T-virus. Their bodies have not rotted as much as that of the zombies, so they can move much faster. They are very sensitive to noise. If they hear you run, they will pursue and attack you.

Tactical procedure:
You can eliminate them with a hand gun, but since they are fast, it may be difficult to aim.

B.O.W. FILE #3: Licker
They are created by a mutation that occurs when a zombie is contaminated by the T-virus. As a result of the transformation process, they have conspicuous features like exposed brain tissue, and they move around on all four legs. Compared to the zombies, they possess incredible agility.

They have no eyes, and are unable to see. Instead, they have an abnormally evolved sense of hearing.

Tactical procedure:
As they attack in reponse to sound, you should be careful when firing at them. Since they are very keen to hearing footsteps, you should avoid running when they are around.

B.O.W. FILE #4: Ivy
B.O.W.s which are created from plants. They can move on their own will by using vapors inhaled through their skin. Watch out for their tentacles which are used like whips.

Tactical procedure:
As fire is lethal to them, a grenade launcher is a very effective weapon.

B.O.W. FILE #5: Hunter
B.O.W. that is created when the T-virus contaminates the human DNA. Since their lower body muscles have been enhanced, they can jump incredibly high and attack enemies with razor-sharp claws.

Tactical procedure:
Just before they jump at an enemy, they stop their movement momentarily. You should attack during this time.

B.O.W. FILE #6: Tyrant
The ultimate result of our B.O.W. project with the T-virus. Based on the regular Tyrant, the more ferocious "Enhanced Tyrant" and "Nemesis" which is even more aggressive and intelligent, were created at our Eurpoean branch.

Tactical procedure:
There are virtually no countermeasures against Tyrants' incredible power.

B.O.W. FILE #7: Prototype
They are not yet complete, but logically speaking, we can create and mass produce more ferocious B.O.W.s by adding certain materials during the process of cultivating Tyrant's genes.

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