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Military Box (Resident Evil Revelations 2)

Image of Military Box
The military boxes are large reinforced crates designed to withstand damage.

These boxes can only be opened by Moira by using her Crowbar. To open one, you must solve a hot-and-cold style puzzle to disable the box's one or more locks.
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  • Image of Episode One

    Episode One

    Detention Center. In the corner of the corridor that you enter after you boost Moira up onto the platform in the room that has the torture device and the Gear Kog.
    Detention Center. On the second floor, in the large dark room between the top of the two staircases.
    Radio Tower Hill. Next to the locked metal doors near the bridge leading to the radio tower.
  • Image of Episode Two

    Episode Two

    Fishing Village. Next to the helicopter.
    Fishing Village. Inside the empty shack that is in the compound where the helicopter sits. The shack is to the left of the gate.
    Fishing Village. At the end of the path in the south west corner of the village.
    Fishing Village. Inside the house in the north east corner of the village. You need to give Moira a boost up the broken ladder and enter through a hole in the roof.
    Town. On the second floor balcony of the house you enter when you first separate from Neil.
    Town. Inside the building that has the electronic gate. The box is in the room on the lower level that has all of the operating beds and equipment.
  • Image of Episode Three

    Episode Three

    Food Processing Plant. In the courtyard area outside, in the clearing near the retinal scanner for the Slaughterhouse.
    Food Processing Plant. Inside the chemical storage room on the 2nd floor of the Processing Plant. This room becomes accessible once you have acquired the Processing Plant Key.
    Food Processing Plant - Slaughterhouse. On the west side of the room that has many pigs hanging from the ceiling.
    Food Processing Plant - Slaughterhouse. On the catwalk above the room that contains the spinning blades where you acquire the Slaughterhouse Key. Both Claire and Moira need to be inside the room when the trap gets activated, and you must boost Moira up onto the platform, unlock this box, and then jump over the railing and unlock the gate before the blades reach Claire below.
    Food Processing Plant - Slaughterhouse. In the area that requires the Slaughterhouse Key to enter. It is in the north east corner of the control room that has the control panel for activating the meat grinder in the adjacent room.
    Food Processing Plant - Factory. In the main factory area that is on fire, it is on the walkway above the four gates at the end of the factory. This is only accessible by Moira after you boost her up onto the pipes.
    Sewers. At the east end of the first northern section of the sewers, on an upper level next to an inaccessible ventilation tunnel.
    Sewers. On the high platform in the T-Section of the sewers, where the south tunnel is a dead-end and the north-tunnel leads to the exit.
  • Image of Episode Four

    Episode Four

    Monument - Maintenance Levels. In the power room on the platform you access by breaking the two padlocks on the large gate.
    Monument - Outside Ledge. On the platform below the point you reach after the first narrow section you have to shimmy across.
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