Processing Plant Key (Resident Evil Revelations 2)

Image of Processing Plant Key

Key that opens the door inside the factory processing area.

This key is used in the Food Processing Plant area by Claire and Moira during Episode Three.

It unlocks the following two doors in the Processing Plant:
  • Unlocks the door to the Light Room on the first floor of the Processing Plant.
  • Unlocks the door on the first floor of the Processing Plant that leads to an alternative stairway to the second floor.
CategoryItem (Key item)


  • Image of Episode Three

    Episode Three

    Food Processing Plant. Attached to the statue of the hawk inside the Hawk Room on the second floor of the Processing Plant. You need to activate the trap by removing the Artificial Eye from the other statue, and then wait (whilst crouching) for the ceiling to destroy the hawk statue before returning the eye to deactivate the trap.
  • There are no locations to show for this mode. The following modes are applicable: