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Artificial Eye (Resident Evil Revelations 2)

Image of Artificial Eye

Artificial recreation of a human eye. It's extremely accurate.

An incredibly realistic artificial eye. This item is found when playing as Claire through Episode Three.

This eye is used inside the Factory area to activate the retinal scanners in order to unlock the doors.

There are a total of two different places where the eye is used:
  • On the second floor of the Processing Plant to access the office room.
  • On the door in the courtyard to access the Slaughterhouse.
CategoryItem (Key item)


  • Image of Episode Three

    Episode Three

    Food Processing Plant. Attached to the smaller statue of a hawk in the Hawk Room on the second floor of the Processing Plant. You need to swap this eye with the Glass Eyeball in order to deactivate the trap and leave the room with this item.
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