Tower Emblem (Resident Evil Revelations 2)

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Image of Tower Emblem
Tower Emblems are collectable blue tokens that you find scattered throughout the island in both Claire's and Barry's scenarios.

All you need to do is destroy them to add them to your collection, which can be achieved by shooting, exploding or smashing with a melee weapon.


  • Image of Episode One

    Episode One

    Detention Center. On the inaccessible platform area, behind the ladder you use to climb down to the lower level where you find your first handgun and the Experiment Block Key.

    Detention Center. On the ceiling in the area with the gate that requires the Gear Kog to open.

    Detention Center. In the room that has the torture device. You can see the emblem above the torture device from the perspective of where Moira ends up after you boost her up the broken ladder.

    Radio Tower Hill. On the side of the wooden bridge. You can see it if you stand in the area where the locked metal doors are.

  • Image of Episode Two

    Episode Two

    Fishing Village. Behind the Wossek Bar, underneath the metal walkway that leads round the back.

    Fishing Village. On the chimney of the blue building near the shore.

    Town. In the play park area of the town, the emblem is on one of the windows of the block of apartments in the distance, visible through the wire fence on the south side of the park.

    Town. After exiting the building that has the electronic gate, you proceed across a short bridge and descend some stairs. The emblem is underneath the stairs.

    Town. When you see Natalia in the opposite building, before jumping over the gap look down and to the left. The emblem is on top of the shipping container.

  • Image of Episode Three

    Episode Three

    Food Processing Plant. When you first enter the courtyard area (when the door gets sealed behind you), proceed to the left and look at the building opposite you in the distance. The emblem is on the side of the building.

    Food Processing Plant. Inside the plant, proceed to the second floor and look over the railing where the large flag is stretched across. The emblem is on the wall above the flag.

    Food Processing Plant - Slaughterhouse. Proceed down the hallway where the trap room is located (the one with the three spinning blade devices). The emblem is inside the bin in the hallway near the entrance to this room.

    Food Processing Plant - Factory. Inside the part of the factory that is on fire when you reach the point where you need to turn the valve to let Moira access the area where she uses the box. When you reach this point, look along the wall near the ladder to find the emblem in the distance.

    Sewers. After the cut-scene where the old man opens the gate for you, turn back the way you came and investigate the end of the tunnel where the metal bars are.

    Sewers. On the high platform in the T-Section of the sewers, where the south tunnel is a dead-end and the north-tunnel leads to the exit. After you climb up onto the high platform, look across the tunnel to the platform on the other side and you will see the emblem behind the wooden crates.

    Monument - Tombstone Area. The emblem is underneath the small bridge.

  • Image of Episode Four

    Episode Four

    Monument - Laboratory. In the top-floor room where you meet Alex behind the glass. If you look to the right to the area left of the door, the emblem is on top of some shelves.

    Monument - Outside Ledge. When you are escaping and you enter the outside of the tower, the emblem is on the underside of the first platform you jump down from.

    Monument - Lower Levels. During the final section of the tower, you find yourself crossing a piece of debris over to the center of the tower. The emblem is attached to the side of this central pillar.

  • Image of Episode One

    Episode One

    Detention Center. When you first start the chapter and you are scaling the cliffs trying to find an entrance. The emblem is located behind some barrels next to one of the inaccessible entrances to the facility.

    Detention Center. On the shelves in the area where you first encounter many Rotten.

    Forest. In the second lit area of the forest. You will find the emblem behind a pair of barrels amongst the pile of debris.

    Lumber Yard. Behind the three barrels in the north west area of the yard.

  • Image of Episode Two

    Episode Two

    Forest Ruins. On the wall of one of the dilapidated buildings in the area where you first encounter Revenants.

    Forest Ruins. In the area up the hill from the locked gate. When you climb the ladder to cross over to the inaccessible building, the emblem can be seen behind some boulders on the ground below.

    Town. On the top floor of the apartment block that has the elevator. The emblem is on some shelves in the room that has the patrolling Glasp. It is the room that Natalia has to crawl into in order to unlock the door for Barry.

    Monument. When you first enter the tower, proceed forwards towards the large poster on the wall and look up at the hole in the ceiling. The emblem is on the edge of the hole.

  • Image of Episode Three

    Episode Three

    Sewers. In an alcove near the stairs where you fought a Vulcanblubber as Claire. You must have opened the valve and raised the gate as Claire in order to gain access to this area.

    Sewage Treatment Plant. Once you pass through the sluice gate marked as "2", turn around and look to the top right of the gate. The emblem is on the ceiling.

    Quarry. When you first enter and you are on the top platform overlooking the area, look for the mine cart that is poking through the roof of one of the buildings. The emblem is sitting on top of it.

    Quarry. Once you have reached the other side of the quarry area and you are on the top platform, proceed back to the edge of the broken bridge. The emblem is on the side of a tower in the distance. Using a sniper rifle makes this a lot easier to spot and shoot.

  • Image of Episode Four

    Episode Four

    Floodgates. The emblem is on a lamppost, visible in the distance from the far side of the two waterways.

    Landfill. The emblem is located underneath the large crane over the landfill. Once you have climbed the crane and used the lift to cross over to the other side, you can view the emblem by looking through the whole in the crane floor.

    The Mine Entry. In the outside area with the elevator, jump from the stairs onto the mine track opposite. The emblem is behind the very last mine cart located at the end of the track.

    Underground Research Facility - Entrance. After you have arrived using the elevator and you are in the room with the green sludge below you, look above you at the ceiling. The emblem is on one of the metal support columns.

    Underground Research Facility - Basement. When the descend the stairs in the mansion area to enter the basement, the emblem is behind the boxes underneath the stairwell.

    Underground Research Facility - Basement. Inside the room you use the Security Card Level 2 to access. The emblem is underneath the floor grating in the area that has the elevator.

    Cliffs. During the second fight with Monster Alex and you are controlling Claire in the helicopter, look to the left of the ridge to find the emblem in amongst some ruins.