Game Resident Evil Revelations 2
Category Enemy
Image of Glasp
The Glasp is a creature that can "bend" light around its body, allowing it to appear invisible in normal conditions. These monsters were created from experiments with the T-Phobus Virus, and were released during the time Claire and Moira are escaping from the island. Their presence is somewhat detected through a "noise" they give off, which causes both your sight and your hearing to become heavily distorted the closer they get.

These creatures are encountered very briefly by Claire and Moira, and a few times by Barry and Natalia. Due to them being invisible, the easiest way to spot them is to use a Smokescreen Bottle. The smoke will render their camouflage temporarily compromised, allowing you to see them. If they manage to grab hold of you, their attack is an instant kill.


Image of Episode Four

Episode Four

  • 1 × Glasp - Monument - Outside Ledge. On higher difficulty levels, a Glasp appears in the section that has the metal crate needed to access the gap in the fence.
  • 1 × Glasp - Monument - Lower Levels. Appear on the walkways as you are making you escape.