Gimmick Box (Resident Evil Revelations 2)

Image of Gimmick Box
The gimmick boxes are large ornate chests with a beautifully designed lock.

These boxes can only be opened by persons with small hands, therefore only Natalia is capable of opening them. To open one, you must solve a hot-and-cold style puzzle to disable the box's one or more locks.
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  • Image of Episode One

    Episode One

    Detention Center. Inside the Control Room that is at the top of the stairs in the main cell area.
    Forest. In the large forest area that has several small lit areas. This box is next to a tree in a small clearing near the end of this area.
  • Image of Episode Two

    Episode Two

    Forest Ruins. In a small clearing up the hill from the locked gate.
    Forest Ruins. Inside the dilapidated building up the hill from the locked gate. You need to use the metal crate to access the ladder from the adjacent ruined building in order to get inside.
    Fishing Village. Inside the blue building near the shore. Natalia needs to crawl through a hole in the wall in order to access.
    Fishing Village. On the platform behind the Wossek Bar.
    Town. In the second floor apartment in front of the warehouse. You need to have acquired the Drill in order to access this room, which is reached by going up the stairs when you enter the building in front of the warehouse.
    Town. Inside the warehouse.
    Town. Inside the building that has the electronic gate. The box is in the room next to the room that has the electronic gate switch control panel.
    Town. On the first floor of the apartment block that has the elevator. It is in the room in the south east corner of the elevator corridor. You need to have had Moira remove the barricades with her Crowbar in Claire's scenario to be able to access this room.
    Monument. In the small room opposite the stairs leading up.
  • Image of Episode Three

    Episode Three

    Sewers. In an alcove near the stairs where you fought a Vulcanblubber as Claire. You must have opened the valve and raised the gate as Claire in order to gain access to this area.
    Sewage Treatment Plant. On the upper walkway just beyond the sluice gate marked as "2".
    Sewage Treatment Plant. In the large area beyond the sluice gate marked as "1".
    Sewage Treatment Plant. In the final area of the plant, on the east side of the large pile of rubble at the top of the stairs.
    Quarry. On the top of the tower that is to the left of the building you acquire the power source from. You need to use the power source as a platform to reach it.
  • Image of Episode Four

    Episode Four

    Floodgates. Inside the shipping container with a padlock that is on the central "island" between the two floodgate waterways. Natalia must crawl through a ventilation hole in a nearby container to gain access to it. You can only access this area if you did not switch the floodgates as Claire.
    Floodgates. Inside the concrete building on the far side of the two waterways. Only accessible if you switched the floodgates as Claire.
    The Mines. In the section you go to restore the power to the ventilation system. It is in the room in the north east corner of the area that has the raised wooden platform. You need to push a large cart out of the way to access it.
    Underground Research Facility - Lower Level. In the room that has torture equipment. The room is adjacent to the room that has the door that requires the Security Card Level 1.
    Underground Research Facility - Mansion. Behind the bench in the room you unlock with the Emblem Key in the northern wing of the mansion.
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