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Kafka Drawing (Resident Evil Revelations 2)

Image of Kafka Drawing
The drawings of Franz Kafka are drawn on various walls throughout the island.

They are initially hidden, and can only be found using Moira's flashlight. When you come across one, you can add it to your collection by shining the flashlight directly over it for a few seconds.
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  • Image of Episode One

    Episode One

    Detention Center After you acquire the Experiment Block Key, approach the doorway closest to the exit ladder. The drawing is on the wall inside the room that the Afflicted bursts out of.
    Detention Center. On the wall next to the exit door in the room where you acquire the Crowbar for Moira.
    Detention Center. On the second floor, on the wall of the large dark room between the top of the two staircases.
    Detention Center. When you control Moira and switch on the generator to activate the power to the facility, an Afflicted bursts out of a room on your return journey. The drawing is on the wall inside of the room he bursts out of.
    Detention Center. When you leave the facility via the metal shutter, the drawing is on the wall above the main gate immediately above you.
    Radio Tower Hill. After you cross the wooden bridge, the drawing is located on the outside of it.
  • Image of Episode Two

    Episode Two

    Fishing Village. On the sign hanging outside of the Wossek bar.
    Fishing Village. On the tail of the helicopter.
    Town. On the wall inside the tunnel you use to escape from the fishing village. It is on the wall opposite the stairs that lead to the tunnel exit.
    Town. On the large blue gate that leads to the center of the town, next to the door that requires Moira's crowbar to open.
    Town. Inside the building that has the electronic gate. The drawing is on the wall of the room next to the room that has the electronic gate switch control panel.
    Town. On the ceiling of the broken stairway you descend after finding Natalia.
  • Image of Episode Three

    Episode Three

    Town. At the start of the episode, it is on the wall next to the metal shutter you exit through.
    Food Processing Plant. Inside the second floor bathroom,on the wall of the stall that the Afflicted was hiding inside.
    Food Processing Plant - Slaughterhouse. Inside the area near the entrance that has all of the low fence barriers.
    Sewers. As soon as you arrive in the sewers after jumping from the burning factory, look on the wall to the left of the sewer entrance gateway.
    Sewers. When you reach the long stretch of tunnel that has the waterfall at one end, scan the wall above the area where you raise the gate.
    Monument - Tombstone Area. On the wall at the dead-end of the corridor where the locked gate is located.
  • Image of Episode Four

    Episode Four

    Monument - Elevator Walkway. When you first start the episode, look on the underside of the platform above the doorway into the surveillance room.
    Monument - Bedroom. On a painting on the left-hand side of the bed.
    Monument - Bedroom. Underneath the aquarium. You need to slide it out of the way to see it.
    Monument - Maintenance Levels. At the end of the platform in the power room as you're running to escape. The drawing is opposite the Workbench.
    Monument - Outside Ledge. On the wall directly ahead of you when you descend the first platform after entering the outside area.
    Monument - Lower Levels. During the section you are making the final descent, a ladder comes down that forms a bridge. The drawing is on the wall to the left of the broken ladder.

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