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Insect Larvae (Resident Evil Revelations 2)

Image of Insect Larvae
A large strange bug in its larvae form. You find these strange creatures hidden in corners and crevices throughout the island.

The larvae can only be seen by Natalia, and they appear to her as a small red haze. To "acquire" one, you must destroy it by throwing a brick at it.
CategoryMiscellaneous object


  • Image of Episode One

    Episode One

    Detention Center. In the hallway beyond the room with the torture device at the top of the ladder. It is opposite the small wicker chair that has the Excerpt from Kafka's "In the Penal Colony" file.
    Detention Center. After opening all of the cell doors from within the Control Room, investigate the second cell on the left.
    Detention Center. After opening all of the cell doors from within the Control Room, investigate the furthest cell on the right and crawl though the hole as Natalia. When you drop down onto the grating, look up to find the larvae.
    Radio Tower Hill. When you use Natalia to unlock the metal doors opposite the dilapidated bridge, look for a tree with the larvae at the back of the area beyond the metal doors.
    Forest. Beyond the large forest area that has all of the clearings there is a small building on the right-hand side. Look inside the building to find the larvae.
    Lumber Yard. On the platform where the control switch is that you use to ram the log pile into the locked gate.
  • Image of Episode Two

    Episode Two

    Radio Tower Hill. Next to the fence on the other side of the radio tower from where you start the episode.
    Fishing Village. Inside the brick fuel depository building where you found the Fuel as Claire.
    Fishing Village. When escaping from the Fishing Village you enter an area that has a tunnel. Before entering the tunnel you can find the larvae is on a wall.
    Town. Inside the second floor apartment in front of the warehouse. You need to have acquired the Drill in order to access this room, which is reached by going up the stairs when you enter the building in front of the warehouse.
    Town. On the slide in the play park you walk through after exiting the warehouse.
    Monument. Behind one of the pillars when you reach the top of stairs, just before the end of the episode.
  • Image of Episode Three

    Episode Three

    Sewers. In the room with the electronic gate. The larvae is on the broken platform Claire used to jump across in her scenario
    Sewers. At the straight section part of the T-Junction. Look at the end of one of the protruding pipes on the wall for the larvae.
    Sewage Treatment Plant. When you initially climb down into the plant, look behind you at the large closed gate. The larvae is beyond the iron bars.
    Sewage Treatment Plant. In the final area of the plant where the large pile of rubble sits at the top of the stairs. The larvae is behind the pile of rubble.
    Quarry. Behind the building where you find the power supply and where you first encounter the Dhurlga. The larvae is behind the high fence.
    Quarry. When you reach the top platform and you are forced to fight the Dhurlga for the second time, you exit through the gate at the back of this area. The larvae is in the grassy area beyond this gate, right before the episode ends.
  • Image of Episode Four

    Episode Four

    Floodgates. On an object that is accessible from the small platform on the far side of the two waterways. Only accessible if you switched the floodgates as Claire.
    Floodgates. At the far end of the empty floodgate waterway, behind the gate. You can only access this area if you did not switch the floodgates as Claire.
    The Mines. On the wall behind the elevator that takes you down into the mines.
    The Mines. In the section you go to restore the power to the ventilation system. It is in the tunnel on the east side of the area that has the raised wooden platform. You need to push a large cart out of the way to access the larvae, which is on the wall on the left side of the mine cart.
    Underground Research Facility - Lower Level. In the room that contains many Revenant's in cryo-tubes. The larvae is on top of one of these cryo-tubes.
    Underground Research Facility - Crypt. In the area of the tunnel near the final Workbench. The larvae is on one of the flamethrower head device hanging from the ceiling.
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