Playing Manual 2 (Resident Evil Outbreak)

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Available within the "Outbreak" scenario.
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[Character status]
Check damage status via ECG
FINE <Green>... Normal
CAUTION <Yellow>... Slightly wounded
CAUTION <Crimson>... Moderate wounds
DANGER <Red>... Seriously wounded

If you get poisoned, your vitality gradually decreases as time passes. The electrocardiogram (ECG) will display the word <POISON> while you are poisoned.

[Blood loss]
If you get attacked and lose lots of blood, your movement speed slows, and your vitality decreases as you move. The ECG displays the word <BLEED> while you are losing blood.

[Virus gauge]
The virus gauge on the status screen shows the player's virus infection rate. If it reaches 100%, the player dies regardless of his/her remaining vitality.

[Crawling part 1]
If you receive too much damage, your player will start crawling on the floor. While you are crawling, you can't enter certain rooms and perform certain attacks.

[Crawling part 2]
While you are crawling, your virus gauge increases at a much quicker rate than normal. To avoid having to crawl, you must use a recovery item or have other PC's "shoulder" you up.

[Map part 1]
View basic room information for any previously visited room by pressing the Triangle button to access the map. If you obtain a map, info on unentered rooms on that map is displayed.

[Map part 2]
Green Room - Rooms you've been to.
Red Room - Currently occupied room.
Yellow Door - Unexplored doors.
Blue Door - Opened doors.
Red Door - Unopened doors.

[Herbs part 1]
Recover status ailments with herbs.
Green Herb - Recovers your vitality.
Blue Herb - Cures Poison.
Red Herb - Amplifies the potency of a herb.

[Herbs part 2]
Herbs can be mixed together.
Ex: Green + Red = Mixed Herb
There are many other ways to mix herbs so you can create herbs that have various new effects.

[Checking other PC's status]
If you are in the same room with other PC's, you can check their virus gauge, items, etc. on the status screen.

[Exchanging items with a dead PC]
Even if another PC dies, you can still exchange items with him/her by opening the status screen in the room he/she died in.

[Scenario Save]
You can save the game by accessing the typewriters found within each scenario.