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Play Single Player Mode (Resident Evil Outbreak)

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Available within the "Outbreak" scenario.
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The main feature of Single Player mode is the "Partner AI." This is a character/several characters that assist the PC and are CPU controlled. Gameplay will change depending on Partner AI interaction.

Your AI Partner performs actions just like the character you control. He/she can move, attack, use items, chat, help others, etc. Of course, when they run out of vitality they will die like any other character...

You must decide how to interact with your AI Partners. Will you help your AI Partner battle against some enemies. Or will you let them take one for the team and cover you while you run away.

AI Partner Actions and Commands
Each AI Partner has their own personality. Sometimes he/she follows you and sometimes they do not. Their actions change according to the progress of a scenario and their current conditions.

You can make a request to your AI Partners by using the "Appeal A" function (press the right analog stick). Note that they may not always answer your request because they have their own personalities.

When your request is rejected by your AI Partner then wait for a moment and try again.
Note: if you are too far from your AI Partner, your request won't reach them.

When making a request, the nearest AI Partner will react. To make a direct request to a specific AI Partner, use the "Appeal B" function (press the L2 button and right analog stick together).

AI Partner Items
AI Partners can have items just like you can. They can also take, exchange, combine items via their own accord.

AI Partners have their own personalities. They find items, use them, and fight the enemy. Some Partners use items but others save them up. The way a character acts depends on his personality.

You can exchange items with your Partners. To offer an item use the 'give' command. To ask for an item use the 'request' command.

Normally, you will give an item to the closest AI Partner. However if you designate a specific partner using the Appeal command you can give items to specific partners.

While your AI Partners are separated from you, he/she may acquire or use items. When you meet up with your AI Partners again, check his/her status screen. They may have picked up some important items.

Choosing the correct items is the key for your survival. Do you carry the good items and put your AI Partner at risk or do you try to keep your back up alive to support you against big enemies?


There are no locations to show for this game mode. The following game modes are applicable:

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