Letter Regarding Umbrella's Goals (Resident Evil 7 Biohazard - Not a Hero)

Image of Letter Regarding Umbrella's Goals
This document outlines how the Umbrella corporation has made a sudden comeback, and states why it has done so and what its new mission intends to be, namely to eradicate what Umbrella was responsible for before and to ensure it never happens again.


For many of you this is your first mission with us, so we wanted to make it clear what Umbrella is all about.

Though many of our staff fail from the infamous pharmaceutical giant Umbrella, our purpose is to make amends for the atrocities perpetrated under the Umbrella name. That is why we re-incorporated as a PMC in 2007.

We will put a stop to not only anyone who is engineering or selling bioweapons, but those who support those efforts as well.

We made a mess and now we have to clean it up. By keeping the Umbrella name, we show that we take responsibility for that mess and we want you to remember that you carry this responsibility with you in every mission.