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Abandoned Mine

Image of EntranceImage of CavernImage of Winding TunnelImage of CrossroadsImage of Mine Cart TunnelImage of North CavernImage of Cultivation RoomImage of Storage SpaceImage of OfficeImage of South Cavern WalkwayImage of PassageImage of Elevator HallImage of Elevator
Image of Abandoned Mine

Central Cavern

Image of Central CavernImage of Elevator
Image of Central Cavern

Mining Work Area

Image of Work Sector BImage of Storage SpaceImage of IntersectionImage of Dead EndImage of PassageImage of Work Sector AImage of Work Sector EntryImage of ElevatorImage of EntranceImage of Cell
Image of Mining Work Area

Storage Area

Image of EntranceImage of PassageImage of Store Room WestImage of Section (W1)Image of Section (C1)Image of Section (N1)Image of Section (N2)Image of Section (N3)Image of Section (C2)Image of Section (S1)Image of Section (S2)Image of Section (C3)Image of Section (E1)Image of Section (E2)Image of Backup Power RoomImage of Store Room EastImage of SewageImage of Elevator
Image of Storage Area

Mine Cart Yard

Image of Repair YardImage of Back PassageImage of CorridorImage of Holding YardImage of Departure YardImage of Maintenance PassageImage of Ventilation RoomImage of PassageImage of Back Corridor
Image of Mine Cart Yard

Shield Machine

Image of Interior 2FImage of Interior 1FImage of Entrance
Image of Shield Machine

Research Facility

Image of Cultivation LabImage of Back CorridorImage of Clinical LabImage of Lobby 2FImage of Power RoomImage of Experimentation RoomImage of Sterilization RoomImage of Monitoring RoomImage of LobbyImage of Corridor 2Image of Corridor 1Image of Cavern
Image of Research Facility