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Briefing Document (Resident Evil 7 Biohazard - Not a Hero)

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This document outlines what Chris' mission is, namely detaining Lucas Baker and the retrieval of any information regarding the infamous organization known as The Connections.

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Operation "Lurking Fear"

◆Primary Mission
Extract Lucas Baker

Dulvey, Louisiana, USA
Baker Estate

◆Threat Profile
  • "Molded": Alpha variant, others
  • Anti-personnel traps (lethal and non)

Due to the lack of intelligence and the number of unknown factors involved, Chris Redfield of the BSAA will act as a bioweapons specialist on missions.

Recent intel has confirmed that Lucas Baker is holed up in the mines near the Baker estate.

◆Profile - Lucas Baker
Suspected associate of criminal organization The Connections (role unconfirmed).
Holds vital intel regarding said organization.

◆Profile - The Connections
Criminal organization producing bioweapons for sale in the international black market.
Limited intel on size, market share, and members.
They are the prime suspects implicated in the production and distribution of the E-Series bioweapon.
E-Series model "Eveline" is present and active at the Baker estate. Lucas Baker seems to be monitoring her and reporting on her activities.