Rifle (semi-auto) (Resident Evil 4)

Image of Rifle (semi-auto)

A .223 caliber rifle capable of firing faster than the standard rifle.

With the exclusive upgrade this rifle is a ripper. Even with its firing speed entire hordes of assailants can be dispatched in no time at all. Sinces boxes of ammunition are few and far between, you should not be tempted in attacking with sustained fire. Another advantage over the basic Rifle lies in the time saved by the semi-automatic loading process. This weapon uses Rifle Ammo. It can also be upgraded with a Scope to create a more precise weapon, or the Infrared Scope to create a weapon capable of viewing the thermal imagery of an enemy.
CategoryWeaponry (Weapon)
Buy price35,000 pesetas
Sell price16,000 pesetas

Attributes and upgrades

Firing speedValue1.83
Reload speedValue2.331.901.33
Exclusive upgrade80,000 pesetas
Raises firing speed to 0.80.


  • Image of Chapter 3-1 onwards

    Chapter 3-1 onwards

    Available to purchase from the Merchant.
  • Image of Chapter 3-1 onwards

    Chapter 3-1 onwards

    Available to purchase from the Merchant.
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