Bowgun (Resident Evil 4 - Separate Ways)

A standard issue pistol-style crossbow.

Category Weaponry
Image of Bowgun
The Bowgun is a very slow weapon. Since its capacity is 1, you need to reload after every shot. When using the Bowgun you had better not miss, if only for the fact that ammunition for it is quite rare. However, the impact of a Bowgun Bolt rivals that of a Hand Grenade, which makes it an interesting tool to clean up enemy groups and strong opponents with only a few shots.

This weapon is only available to Ada during the Separate Ways scenario.

Buy price: 70,000 pesetas

Sell price: 35,000 pesetas

Firepower Value 16.6
Price -
Firing speed Value 2.43
Price -
Reload speed Value 2.00
Price -
Capacity Value 1
Price -


  • Image of Chapter 3 onwards

    Chapter 3 onwards

    Available to purchase from the Merchant.