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TMP (Resident Evil 4 - Separate Ways)

Image of TMP

A fully-automatic machine pistol. Fires custom 9mm's.

This weapon belongs to the handgun family. This is underlined by its name, Tactical Machine Pistol. Nevertheless, it requires its own type of ammunition. At first sight the TMP's statistics make it seem like the ideal firearm beginners unskilled at targeting. A large magazine combined with high firing speed simply begs for sustained fire. Unfortunately the meagre ammunition supply in relation to firepower renders with approach useless. This weapon uses TMP Ammo.
CategoryWeaponry (Weapon)
Buy price12,800 pesetas

Attributes and upgrades

Firing speedValue0.10
Reload speedValue2.371.931.17

Exclusive upgrade: Raises firepower to 1.8. Price: 100,000 pesetas


  • Image of Chapter 1 onwards

    Chapter 1 onwards

    Available to purchase from the Merchant.
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