Isaac Graves' Diary (Resident Evil 3 Remake)

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The pay was generous, the benefits were good. Most importantly, they promised me I'd be contributing to state-of-the-art medical tech research. For a university teacher stuck working in Nowhere, America, it was a golden opportunity, like winning the lottery. So I went for it. I made the pitch to my family and we agreed to move here to Raccoon City.

Well, hindsight is 20/20, because this lab is a den of monsters who conduct cruel and barbaric experiments for the sole purpose of taking human life in the most sickening way possible.

It's messed up. The world needs to know. But every time I work up enough courage to blow the whistle, I think of Penny and Casey and immediately chicken out.

Umbrella owns this town. There was this guy they caught trying to smuggle out company secrets. They essentially fed him to one of the Betas. FED HIM. I saw the whole thing.

I got my wife and daughter into this. I just need to do my job. Do as I'm told. For their sake. But let this be testament that I do have a conscience, and that I've learned my lesson.