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Expression of Concern (Resident Evil 3 Remake)

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Senior Fellow Dr. Frankl,

Please allow me to send my heartfelt congratulations to you and your colleagues at Umbrella Europe for completing Nemesis, a truly remarkable achievement in the field of bioweapons research. Introducing a parasitic organism into a Tyrant's brain to gain external control of it? How can I not marvel at such a wild idea!

However, from a medical perspective, I must emphatically state my disapproval of this shift away from established Umbrella policy. By turning to the use of parasites, you are setting a dangerous precedent.

Viruses can be kept in check. I believe an effective vaccine can be developed for any virus on Earth (with abundant funding and a bounty of samples, of course).

Can you say the same for parasites, however? Doctors have tried in vain to develop a vaccine for malaria. Parasites like Plasmodium are far more genetically complex than the T-Virus, and to think they will submit to control is utter folly.

Perhaps, in your country, consumers are willing to buy automobiles with no brakes, but here in America, they know better.

Then again, I recall you have a degree in economics, so no doubt you've already devised a brilliant marketing strategy to win over the naysayers.

I look forward to your talk at the forum in Berlin next month. In the meantime, I shall be exploring medical solutions to this hubristic problem you've foisted on us.

Nathaniel Bard, PhD


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