Invoice from Gun Shop Kendo (Resident Evil 3 Remake)

Image of Invoice from Gun Shop Kendo
CategoryFile (Downtown)


Thank you for purchasing the XXXXXX grenade launcher.

We've made special adjustments to this piece to ensure compatibility with a variety of ammunition types. For optimal performance, be sure to choose the right ammo for the right situation.

As we discussed at the time of purchase, this is a refurbished model, and the chamber needs to be manually cycled between shots. It'll take an extra moment, but this is reflected in the price, as agreed.

[Handwritten note on reverse]

Explosive Rounds: Explosive A x2
Flame Rounds: Explosive A + Explosive B
Acid Rounds: Explosive B x2

Mine Rounds: Can't be readily crafted. Not worth stocking up on. Won't help if we need to keep the Gammas in line.