Medical Instruction Manual (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis)

Image of Medical Instruction Manual
A document with instructions on how to create the Vaccine Medium using the synthesizer.



Umbrella Medical Service
North America Division
Douglas Rover

In order to activate the synthesizer to cultivate the vaccine, please follow the procedure as detailed below:

  1. Supply enough energy to the system.

  2. Set the medium vase to the device.

When the device is ready, you can start mixing the vaccine medium. To mix the vaccine, you will need to control the five levers. This will cause the two gauges to increase or decrease. If you adjust the two gauges so that they stop at the center, the vaccine medium will then be produced automatically.


  • Image of Experiment Room - Hospital B3

    Experiment Room - Hospital B3

    On the desk opposite the vaccine synthesis machine.
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