Director's Diary (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis)

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The last few entries of the Raccoon City Hospital director's diary.



September 10th
These patients suffer from gangrene and congestion of their blood at first. Then their mind slowly deteriorates. In the end, there is nothing left of their mind. When that happens even mercy killing seems pointless. After all, they are already dead...
This disease is unlike anything I have ever witnessed. Once the patient's mind is gone, they become flesh hunger monsters and act like wild animals who are on some type of bloodlust.

September 18th
Another patient has been admitted to the hospital. He is showing symptoms of the first stages of the disease at this point, but... I haven't been able to sleep at all these past few days. I refuse to let these patients become "zombies." I am not just an ordinary citizen. I am a doctor. Even if I die, my clinical charts will contribute to finding a cure.

September 26th
We lost most of the doctors and staff during the battle against the "zombie" patients. It's impossible to maintain the hospital under these conditions. And, I know that it's too late for me. I am beginning to feel that same itchy and hungry desire that all of my patients felt. It's too late for me...


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