Nemesis (Third Form) (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis)

Image of Nemesis (Third Form)
In Nemesis' final form he bears little resemblance to his former self as the mutation has gone completely out of control after being subjected to the chemicals of the disposal system within the Dead Factory. It is now a massive blob-like creature capable of spitting acid.

In this form Nemesis is practically invincible to your ordinary weapons. When you fight him inside the Rail Cannon Room, you must power up the rail cannon by inserting the three large industrial-sized batteries into their compartments. Once this has been done the system needs to boot and power up, after which a countdown will eventually alert you to when the cannon is ready to fire. It is at this point that you need to have ensured you have drawn Nemesis into the path of where the cannon will fire, as one direct hit will be enough to rip it in half.


  • Image of Rail Cannon Room - Dead Factory 1F

    Rail Cannon Room - Dead Factory 1F

    Appears when you start activating the Rail Cannon.
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