Grave Digger (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis)

Image of Grave Digger
This enormous underground worm with four mandibles is a ferocious enemy that can kill you very quickly if you're not fast enough to dodge its attacks. It is capable of burrowing through the streets of Raccoon City at tremendous speed, making it difficult to judge where it's going to spring up next during your fight with it in the Graveyard.

The first time you encounter it in the Lonsdale Underground Passage you do not have to defeat it. Just simply be quick on your toes and listen out for it approaching. A good technique is to step forward a few paces until you hear it approaching, then take a few steps back to avoid its attack. As soon as it starts to withdraw back into the hole, run forwards and activate the ladder switch before it comes charging back through the hole again.

The second time you encounter it, in the Graveyard, you have no choice but to kill it if you want to continue with your escape of the city. A powerful weapon is needed here, so the Grenade Launcher is a recommended choice. After a certain amount of damage has been dealt to it, you may notice one of the lampposts starts to buckle. Apply a well-aimed shot at it with a hand gun and it will come crashing down into a puddle, electrifying it. One touch of this puddle by the Grave Digger will frazzle it to death.