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Operation Report 2 (Resident Evil 2)

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A document detailing a possible escape route out of the city through the sewer system.

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- Operation Report -

September 28th

Early morning 2:30AM. Zombies overran the operation room and another battle broke out. We lost four more people, including David.
We're down to four people, including myself. We failed to secure the weapons cache and hope for our survival continues to diminish.
We won't last much longer... We agreed upon a plan to escape through the sewer. There's a path leading from the precinct underground to the sewage disposal plant. We should be able to access the sewers through there. The only drawback is that there is now guarantee the sewage disposal plant is free of any possible dangers. We know our chances in the sewers are slim, but anything would be better than simply waiting here to die.
In order to buy more time, we locked the only door leading to the underground, which is located in the eastern office. We left the key behind in the western office since it's unlikely that any of those creatures have the intelligence to find it and unlock the door.

I pray that this operation report will be helpful to whoever may find it.

Recorder: Elliot Edward


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