William Birkin's Inbox (Resident Evil 2 Remake)

Image of William Birkin's Inbox
CategoryFile (Laboratory)


Sender: Jane Doyle
Subject: Suspending Research on "G"

The Umbrella Corporation has decided to cease all research on "G," which was ongoing at the NEST underground laboratory. All funding for this project has been cut, and laboratory director William Birkin has been removed from his post.

Sender: B.E.
Subject: (None)

Thank you for your mail, Dr. Birkin. Top brass has expressed an interest in this "evolving bioweapon" you mentioned. Do not worry about costs. Our "company" is the most well-funded in the whole of the United States.

Sender: Richard Kessler
Subject: Congratulations

I heard the good news. "G" is almost ready. Strange you never thought to report to the research lab here at Umbrella HQ... but I suppose I can let that slide. Anyway, send over the data, would you?

And don't worry. You've done good work on "G," but we can take care of the rest.

Sender: Jane Doyle
Subject: Notice of Admonishment

You are under suspicion of breaching your contract with the Umbrella Corporation. It has become clear that you have claimed ownership of the "G" project, and have been in unauthorized contact with the U.S. military.

Please respond to the investigation committee's summons within 24 hours.