Wayne Li's Inbox (Resident Evil 2 Remake)

Image of Wayne Li's Inbox
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Sender: Rick Mendoza
Subject: What's he up to?

Can you believe that bastard Cartwright? Cool your jets, asshole! Well, I guess he is the boss... For now. Anyway, have you seen my helix anywhere? I put the secret on the bottom. Let me know if you find it!

Sender: Bryon Cartwright
Subject: Busy guy, huh?

So you couldn't make our little meeting? Fine, don't worry about the Greenhouse inspection. Instead I'll give you something real simple to do: put together the budget estimate for the year after next. And get it done tonight!

Sender: Rick Mendoza
Subject: Are you alive?

We're under attack. People are dead. The East Area is cut off. We can't operate the bridge with the wristbands we have here. Where is that bastard Cartwright hiding!?

Sender: Rick Mendoza
Subject: Please Reply!

Plant 43 is going wild! The Greenhouse is hell! We need to send someone in there before it's too late. Wayne, how do we stop this thing? You have to help us. Please reply!

Sender: Rick Mendoza
Subject: (None)

Do you remember Susie, the cheerleader? What a great gal. We were both into her. Of course, she wasn't into nerds... I still have to give you back those comics and games I borrowed. But you might have to wait a while.