Some Guy's Scribblings (Resident Evil 2 Remake)

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Damn those corporate assholes! They cut me off! After all I've done for them! But if that's how it's gonna be, so be it. I'm gonna have a little fun of my own as the world goes to shit.

I boarded all those filthy pigs up in a steel pen, and set some C4. All I gotta do is detonate it and it's "sayonara suckers!"

But it's no fun if it's over too soon, so maybe I'll give that one raving loon something to really squeal about.

Yeah, maybe I'll give him a little toy and tell him, "Kill the guy next to you and I'll spare the others." I wonder what he'll do.

You yell about "justice" and "pride" but how many times did you go against me, your own superior?

Yeah, you're such a good cop... So good you had to die.

Man is this fun. I need some music for this.