Art Article: "The Red Stone" (Resident Evil 2 Remake)

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This is a document that alludes to the Red Jewel you find in the Police Station, and how it relates to the Bejeweled Box.
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The ruby that captivated Edward the Black Prince, the pearl that the queen of the Nile milked dry, the diamond that lead a queen to the guillotine—there is no end to the number of tales related to the appeal of jewels.

This mysterious red stone is simply the latest to sparkle among them.

Like those other jewels, this one's origin is unknown. It's said that it once adorned a noblewoman's jeweled box and was even dedicated to a wise king.

This fall, this stone that's long been shrouded in legend will be on display during auction. There are sure to be many eager enthusiasts there.

But, dear reader, one would do well to approach with care, for devilry lies in beauty's shadow. This jewel has turned caring nobles who love their subjects into despots more terrible than Caligula, and we have the tales to prove it. Seriously, it's precisely because these jewels are bathed in blood that their luster stirs something in the hearts of people everywhere.