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Report: About "G" (Resident Evil 2 Remake)

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The G-Virus clinical trial will be entering its final phase very soon. Before "G"—the new creature that will surpass humans—is born, allow me to predict a few things about its biology and biological functions.

The subject's intelligence will begin to drop immediately, with their linguistic abilities disappearing within a matter of days. Finally, they will lose their capacity to reason and their humanity. G will be a creature of pure instinct, driven only by a need to survive and reproduce.

Physical Abilities
Do to its unusually accelerated cell division—evolution—it will be highly adaptable to any environment. Furthermore, with its amazing ability to repair itself through regeneration, it will be extremely difficult to completely kill it with any conventional small firepower.

Reproductive Behavior
G's most remarkable feature will be its intense desire to reproduce. It will instinctively search out humans with DNA that closest matches its own and implant an embryo in them.

But the chances of success are very low and if the DNA is not a close enough of a match, an underdeveloped G creature will be produced instead. I suppose the only ones who might be a close enough of a match would be any biological children of the subject, though...


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