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"V-JOLT" Report (Resident Evil)

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This report contains instructions on how to create the V-Jolt, used for weakening Plant 42.

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As I stated in the last report, there are some common features found in the cells of the plant infected by the Tyrant virus. We also have found another interesting fact through some experiments.

We found an element that destroys these plant cells rapidly in "UMB No.16", one of the series of UMB chemicals that we used for that experiment.
We named this "UMB No.16" as "V-JOLT".
In our calculation, it will take less than 5 seconds to destroy Plant 42 if we put the "V-JOLT" directly on the root.

You need to mix some of the UMB series chemicals in a specific order to create a "V-JOLT". But the UMB series chemicals may generate a poisonous gas which is harmful to the human body. Extreme caution should be taken when handling these chemicals.

Following are the types of UMB series chemicals and their brief characteristics.

UMB No. 2Red
UMB No. 4Green
UMB No. 7White
UMB No. 13Blue (stimulating smell)
V-JOLT (UMB No. 16)Brown


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