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Researcher's Letter (Resident Evil)

Image of Researcher's Letter
A letter from a scientist to his girlfriend Ada. It gives details on how to unlock the secure areas of the Underground Laboratory.



June 8, 1998

Dear Ada,

Ada, by the time you read this, I'll be something... different. Today's test turned out to be positive, just as I expected. I feel like going crazy when I think about becoming one of them.
Ada, you're not infected and I hope you never will be.

In case you are the last one left, take the material in the Visual Data Room and go to the Power Room to operate the Triggering System before you escape.
And make all this public through the media.

If everything is in order, all the locks can be opened by the security system. You can access the system if you log in with my name from the terminal in the small lab and enter the password. The password is your name.

To unlock the door at B2 where the Visual Data Room is located, you'll need to access with our name first and then enter another password.
I've written the code below. I'm sure you'll understand it easily.

And this is my last hope - if you find me completely changed, please kill me yourself.

PASSWORD = ᛗ ᛟ ᛚ ᛖ

Yours, John