On Mutamycete Disruption (Resident Evil Village - Shadows of Rose)

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This file details how Rose can destroy the liquid void by targeting the Sclerotia with her powers until they break down and disintegrate.


I have found a means of dramatically destabilizing parts of the mutamycete network by introducing a disruptive force to block the autoinducers they use for communication.

For example, the hard-packed cores of mold known as sclerotia begin to break down on a cellular level and disintegrate when thus disrupted.

Sclerotia form when the mutamycete develops in new locations, serving as a sort of anchor point or foothold. They are often associated with a patch of liquid void through which the mold has spread.

When the autoinducers of the sclerotia are disrupted, it begins to break down. Any liquid void connected to the sclerotia will also disintegrate.

It would appear that destabilizing the sclerotia sends a signal indicating that location is no longer viable for mutamycete habitation, triggering a full-scale retreat.


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