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Lott's Diary (Resident Evil Survivor)

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Lott's Diary

September 10th

I saw some prisoners at the arcade today. They all had sleepy eyes. One of the girls even slavered. Some of the boys were glaring at me. They wore rugs and smelled rotten. Like dad and Commander Vincent told me, they are very different people from our Umbrella families.

Dad told me that they bring them to this island so they can operate on them and make them into decent people. I think they are doing the right thing. I hope they will become decent people sometime soon.

October 15th

I heard Commander Vincent killed those people who tried to escape from the prison. I wonder why such a thing happened? I know they are inferior to us, but did we have to kill them? Is this what I believed in? Umbrella and my dad were supposed to help the inferiors by operating on them... Why did he kill them?

November 23rd

The city is in total panic! Monsters are everywhere and they are attacking people! Those Umbrella people who were very nice to me suddenly started attacking me. I need help! Please someone rescue me!

November 24th

My dad and my mom turned into monsters. One of the survivors told me that Commander Vincent turned the people in this city into monsters. I can't trust anyone now. I have to survive and protect my sister Lily, no matter what! We have to escape from this city together!!


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