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Church Manager's Diary (Resident Evil Survivor)

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Church manager's diary

October 7, 1998

Today, the leaders of each section of the city, including myself, attended a meeting with the commander. The briefing was on the destruction of Raccoon City.

During the conference, everyone placed blame on William Birkin. He betrayed the company and wanted to keep the G-virus for himself. The commander told us that if there is a traitor like Birkin in this city, we should execute him immediately and without question.

I wholeheartedly agree with the commander's orders. This city is as vital to Umbrella as that laboratory in Raccoon City was. No... It is actually much more important.

We must not allow a biohazard to happen in this city. We cannot let Umbrella's efforts to buy the city and establish these billion-dollar facilities go to waste. We should keep a closer eye on the behaviour of personnel in the future.


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