Andy Holland (Resident Evil Survivor)

Image of Andy Holland
Thievery, larceny, robbery, assault: Andy used to be scientist, but now that was but a fading memory. Crime did pay. But then he received a call from Umbrella, a big-shot pharmaceutical company. Will he come to work for them? Umbrella, it seems, has been buying up everything. They'd acquired a small European isle, Sheena Island, a backwater with waste disposal facilities so old-fashioned that no-one knew how to fix them. Umbrella Inc. offered the maintenance contract to Andy, a low-life who has racked up crime after crime. Why? Without thinking too much about the corporation's reasoning, seduced by the money, Andy grabbed his suitcase and too up the offer. With barely any possessions but his beloved camera, he set off for a new life. But it didn't take him long to discover Umbrella's sinister secrets.